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Project Management

Complete Supply Chain & Logistics Management with Real Time Reporting

Wholesale Electric CMMS provides customers with customized, state-of-the-art, web-based systems, backed by dedicated human capital and onsite assets. Customers have complete management of electrical materials that is more efficient, enhances field productivity, is more cost effective, and requires less infrastructure from them.

Supply Chain Management: CMMS links together the participants in the electrical materials supply chain including engineering, purchasing, accounting, construction management and vendors.

Logistics Management: CMMS enables the management of procurement, sourcing, warehousing, inventory, delivery, and onsite distribution.

Reporting: Customers can track progress online and get custom reports in real time, any time.

The Right Material, at the Right Time


The most effective way to control project costs is to handle the complete material management from the very beginning through the end.


5 Step Process Focuses on Process Steps

At CMMS, our goal is to ensure that every project is completed on schedule, under budget and with minimum material surplus. Experience has shown that the most effective way to control project costs is to start at the very beginning of the project and carry those savings throughout every phase of construction. CMMS materials management process parallels the critical functions of the customer to maximize productivity and lower costs – from conception to operation.


A detailed, comprehensive Individual Electronic Project Catalog is built listing the specific products to be used throughout the project. This becomes the “go-to” source for electrical management at all stages of the project.

The catalog ensures that:

  • Only material from approved manufacturers is used
  • Pricing is consistent
  • The number of specialty and non-stock items requests is kept to a minimum
  • Accurate lead times are entered for each item including the time to manufacturer + transit time + customs time

Wholesale Electric CMMS professionals use their unique combination of field construction experience and product knowledge to produce an accurate and detailed Material Take Offs (MTOs) from the electrical drawings. These MTOs list the materials, their quantities and types and where they are to be installed on the site.

CMMS uses the customer’s Construction Schedule to create the Purchase Schedule for Material, the Production Schedule for Manufacturers and ultimately the Work Plan for the Release of Material.

Construction personnel can enter the Required On-Site Dates for areas/work packages into the CMMS system.

A Work Plan on the Required On-Site Date is developed which determines purchasing and inventory activities.

Electronic release of material to the construction crew on an as-needed basis reduces the project investment and field material management costs as well as material surplus.

Construction personnel pick up and sign for work packages containing exactly what they need for the work tasks at hand according to the Construction Schedule. With the help of CMMS Cable Management, cable is cut to length in order to reduce measuring and cutting time during installation and to reduce surplus.

Real-time, any-time access to the project file is available via our web-based system, making global project management easier and more efficient.

The configurable components of CMMS allow customers to tailor our system to fit their specific project and reporting requirements.

On-Site Electrical Material Management

Your On-Site Warehouse Store / Fully Stocked with Standardized Material / Ensures Continuous Work Flow

Stock Item Release Process

Very simple, very fast and you never get an “out of stock” event.
  • Onsite store manager opens access to the Project Database.
  • Then scans the product requested inventory. The product listing in the catalog is accessed as well as the quantity-on-hand (QOH).
  • Conex personnel enters the quantity requested, retrieves the material from inventory, and then the project worker signs for the material.

With material invoiced to the project ONLY after released to your workers, this means that you save on inventory investment costs and material surplus is reduced. Conex Job Trailers are scalable for any size project and are custom built to your job site needs.


Cost savings comes from:

Reduced direct costs by eliminating:

  • Inventory investment
  • Need for back inventory
  • Surplus inventory

Efficiency/productivity improvements:

  • Job-specific material & commodities stocked on jobsite
  • Continuous work on jobsite