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Cable Management

Identifying the Need for Cable Management

  • Cable represents 33% or more of a typical bulk electrical spend on capital projects.
  • Cable is the single most likely item to become a liability to the project through waste, damage or surplus.
  • Construction delays are often caused by common cable issues in the field, such as the inability to locate the correct master cable reel, the availability of labor and equipment to transport and set up large bulk reels, the lead-time on non-stock items, and the minimum manufacturers order quantities.
  • Cable is the most difficult bulk item to track inventory changes in the field, resulting in the need for dedicated resources to maintain records on each individual master reel.
  • Carrying cost on cable is typically higher due to the length of time between delivery to the project and the actual installation.

Cable Management Benefits

  • Cable shrinkage at the jobsite.
  • Surplus on cables being managed by CMMS.
  • Field OS&D and Non Conformance reporting.
  • Redundant handling and moving of large master reels of cables around the job site.
  • The incidents of cable damage in the field.
  • Expenses associated with equipment typically required to receive and properly store large master reels.
  • Productivity in the field

Wholesale Electric’s Cable Management System is an integral module of our CMMS system. This internet-based program allows construction the opportunity to measure actual circuit length requirements without including a percentage of cable as a contingency or safety factor for the actual installation. This results in the just-in-time delivery of cut-to-length cables. In addition, it eliminates the typical extra percentage of cable, which is added to compensate for the manufacturing and shipping tolerances from the manufactures.

Wholesale Electric buys and maintains a dedicated inventory of cable per project specifications in the longest possible manufactured length and provides the field with the exact cut-to-length circuit at the time of installation. Wholesale’s system manages each master reel and engineered circuit length. When the field is ready to install cable, the exact length is measured and released in the system. Every reel is tagged with circuit ID and length requested before shipping. Once a cable circuit has been released in the system, it cannot be duplicated.

Cable Management Philosophy

As with all aspects of the CMMS process, Wholesale Electric strives to become part of the Project Team from the earliest possible stages of the project. From this point, the Wholesale material management team becomes intimate with all aspects of the project requirements, and follows the cable to the final point of installation and termination.



 –  Dedicated inventory based on longest available master reels  –
–  Cable purchased far in advance of actual need, and invoiced to the project only after material is released to the field  –
–  Cable is properly stored inside Wholesale’s Warehouse, per manufacturers recommendations to protect integrity  –
–  Master reel length balances are computed by the Cable Management System to insure pre-negotiated returnable lengths are maintained, or scrap is minimized  –
–  Tagging of all cable by circuit I.D. per field release  –
–  Allows for exact field measurement of circuit lengths  –
–  Real-time, On-line status of cable circuit numbers and reel lengths are available through CMMS  –